No Compromise -Full Court Press, Bristol

Bristolians are becoming spoilt for choice when it comes to getting their regular caffeine fix. Over the past few months, exciting and independent coffee bars have been appearing in and around the city. Small batch roasters and quality beans are the key players in these establishments, with guest varieties popping up on the menu instead of cream-laced, 'seasonal', syrupy concoctions. One of the places making a stand against mediocre coffee chain coffee, is Full Court Press.

Situated on Broad Street opposite the Register Office, in a space that was once a dress boutique; it is stripped back, white walls, minimal and, an oasis of calm. The name, a basketball term that I don't quite understand (and that M has tried to explain to me), reflects their no compromise attitude to delivering great coffee.

Clearly knowledgeable, with tech wizardry to suit any coffee geek (they have an Uber Boiler, people), the lovely thing is, you don't feel intimidated stepping in here for your cup of Joe. After asking me what I like to drink, on recommendation, I tried a flat white made with Square Mile's Gichathaini -a deliciously baked and oaty flavour complemented by the sweetness of the milk. 
To you this may seem obvious and I can sense the eye rolls already, but having grown up on freeze-dried instants and rich roasts, with work providing a catering tin of almost marmite-y, suspect, brown powder to mainline, you'll have to forgive me. It's only in recent years that I've fully appreciated coffee as the roasted seed of a berry and, as such, I should be expecting complex flavours and variety.

As a result, I've always avoided filter coffee, expecting something acrid, sour and smoky. If you have the same sort of idea, try some filter at Full Court Press and it will definitely change your opinion. I tried a cup of Finca Mama Mina; a beautiful amber liquid with floral and honey notes and not a hint of bitterness.

Which brings me to their cold brew. To me, this is an utter revelation; taking around 4 hours to brew, cold water drips slowly through coffee grounds. The resulting drink, bottled and chilled, has a sweeter, less acidic flavour to it and is incredibly refreshing. Get up early as it goes quickly! Hmm, my tipple of the summer, I think.
So, Full Court Press: no grande, venti, orange mocha Frappucinos (r) here -Kaboom!

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