Hot In The City -A Few Ways To Cool Off, Bristol

With the mercury rising, I seem to be alternating between feeling hot and bothered -mainly at night when trying to sleep and, pinching myself about the glorious sunshine. Following the washout, no shows these past few years, I did not plan for this at all. I've had to panic buy a whole summer work wardrobe, resulting in strange but cooling combinations. If I carried a withering look and wore mirrored sunglasses, I'm sure you'd find me gracing the Sartorialist or Face Hunter but florid and sweaty, does not a style icon make.

So, in the heat of the mid-day sun, or after a hard day Gromit spotting, here are a few suggestions on how to cool off...

A Pot of Almond Thief Ice
I tried some peach and saffron; wonderfully refreshing and not too rich it is available in more delightful flavours such as strawberry and basil, chocolate and hazelnut and Pedro Ximinez and raisin. Available from Arnolfini, Hart's Bakery and Source Food Hall and Café.



For a spot of Pimms, a harbour side seat and some people watching, there's nothing like the Arnolfini -oh and you can take in some art too.

Bird Cage Walk

Sheltered by a canopy of leaves, the dappled walk through St Andrew's church yard in Clifton is no longer lined by song birds in their cages. It is however cool and contemplative and a blessed relief from all the heat.

Copoazu Adventurous Ices

Based in Southville, Rachel and Sophie make high quality, small batch, ice cream and sorbet which they sell from their cart. The house special is copoazu, an exotic Brazilian fruit (above left) which has a unique taste. Sharp and fragrant, it has hints of melon, cucumber, pineapple and ripe banana. Their brown bread and stout ice cream is also delicious; malty, sweet with a touch of cinnamon it tastes like a blended and iced bread pudding. Find out where they will be here.

Full Court Press

Try some of Full Court Press' cold brew and I promise you, you'll be converted. It takes around four hours to brew this baby; chilled water slowly but surely dripping through the grinds. The resulting coffee tastes slightly sweeter and less acidic than hot coffee and incredibly refreshing to boot.

The Lido

You may need to be a member of The Lido to swim (although non-members may use the pool at certain times of the day), but you need not be a member to eat in the very excellent café or restaurant. Sitting pool side drinking one of their thirst quenching pineapple mint coolers and eating a small plate or two, is a lovely way to cool off. Fear of arrest prevented me from taking pictures of the gorgeous pool area, so here are some of their delicious buttery, tarragon-y, roasted scallops instead.

Small Street Espresso

I've written about Small Street Espresso before. Suffice to say they do an excellent iced latte and iced tea. Not usually a fan of iced tea, this berry flavoured drink, topped up with a little Luscombe apple juice is very good indeed.

Vee Double Moo

Selling soft whip from a converted camper van near Cabot Tower in Brandon Hill, Vee Double Moo now also have a cart on College Green. Scooped ice cream by Chew Moo in Dundry, includes flavours such as the fragrant and jammy elderberry ripple and whiskey and marmalade.

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