Where Have You Bean? Small Street Espresso -Bristol

I think at last I have found it... You know how it is, you spend years looking and then just like that, when you least expect it. Bam!...there it is. Opposite the Crown Court on Small Street is the Small Street Espresso. Exposed brick work, wooden benches and black tiles, although small, it is neatly turned out. On the counter sits a caerulean blue La Marzocco espresso machine and, on the shelves to the side, coffee drippers and Aeropress.  Clifton Coffee's E6 is their house blend but they have single origin roasts on offer, which change regularly. If you're stuck, the guys here are only too happy to recommend a brew and if you fancy cake, there are sweet treats care of Hart's Bakery.

Since the place had the vibe of the wonderful coffee bars that pepper Fitzroy and Northcote in Melbourne, I went for a flat white.
Rich and intense with a thin layer of velvety foam, it was the perfect cup. In fact, I think they may serve the best cup of coffee in Bristol. Bam!

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