Hart's Bakery -Bristol

Much to my dismay, I never managed to get to Hart's Bakery when it was based in Hampton Lane. Although I'm certain I've tried Laura Hart's wonderful creations elsewhere, I was excited to learn that she had moved her bakery to a new home. Now based underneath the arches by Bristol Temple Meads station, it must surely be an oasis in what is currently a bit of a food wasteland.

The kitchen, shop and cafe are all in one space and on certain weekends you can even attend workshops to learn how to bake bread and make pastries. When I arrived, all the tables were full, so I decided to take a few bits and pieces home for an indulgent afternoon tea.

Saturday Bread had a rich doughnut-like dough and focaccia like dimples containing glassy pools of burnt sugar and, ripples of a dark caramel. Pastel de Nata with its buttery and flaky pastry held an egg custard with a subtle hint of cinnamon. It certainly gave Portuguese Taste a run for its money (although theirs still remains my favourite). Finally we tried the rhubarb friands; light as air with an almond crumb, the tartness from the rhubarb was the perfect counterpoint.
Located where many a commuter must pound the pavement overhead;  I say ditch the underwhelming coffee chain coffee with flaccid pastry and, follow your nose to Hart's Bakery.

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