Red and Yellow on College Green -Meat and Bread, Bristol

Today on College Green I saw something slightly incongruous. A New York style food cart complete with red and yellow umbrella. There was a sizeable queue and some tempting savoury smells filling the air. Meat and Bread have been serving up their unique sandwiches for some weeks now, moving around Bristol city centre. Up until today I've been a bit slow off the mark and so far, this shiny cart has eluded me. But this time I managed to catch them before they were all sold out and tried one of their salt beef sandwiches. With locally sourced ingredients, homemade pickles and sauces, I was hoping for a lunchtime treat.
Packed with home brined salt beef, coleslaw, pickles and Russian dressing, the sandwiches are a generous size. Good job I was feeling pretty hungry. The salted brisket was meltingly tender and the pickles cut through the richness of the 'slaw. For me, the sandwich would have been even tastier with a slick of fiery mustard and perhaps on a rye bread but, even without these it was delicious. With a daily changing menu and so many permutations, I'll definitely be going back. Meat and Bread, does exactly what it says on the tin. Just look for the red and yellow umbrella.......or check their Twitter feed.

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