Haute Dawgs -Stray Dogs, Bristol

Having not been to the cinema for ages, we had a weekend of contrasting cinematic experiences. In one corner, Beasts of the Southern Wild. Shot on 16mm film, it looked magical -a Cajun spiced Where The Wild Things Are, shot in a Bayou. In the other corner, Skyfall. Directed by Sam Mendes, with Bond set pieces in Turkey, Shanghai, Macau and the Highlands. And, Javier Bardem as a Joker-ish, blond, Bond villan. Both very enjoyable in their different ways.

But where's the food? Well what better way to get into the mood for a blockbuster than with a hotdog? I've never really been enticed by the hotdogs at the cinema, although Ikea is a different matter. Instead we thought we would try out some 'haute' dogs at Stray Dogs in The Bank in Stokes Croft. 

We tried a Chilli Cheese Dog and a Mexican Dog. The Chilli Cheese consisted of smoked beef sausage topped with chuck steak chilli, hot sauce and cheese.  The Mexican, a paprika sausage topped with guacamole, sour cream, tomato salsa, nachos and cheese. We shared a side order of winter mustard slaw and skins-on plain fries. A little bit slaggish, a little bit salty but, popping, zinging flavours and all in all junk food at its best.

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